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Outdoor Shades & Awing

We have a large number of shapes, sizes, and material options available when it comes to keeping you cool and lowering your energy bills in the Summer. We use quality products that have been rigorously tested to stand up to the elements! Outdoor shades offer a level of privacy and sophistication to any outdoor venue. Our outdoor shades can be used to help close in a patio, separate sections of your pool cabana area, or lend a touch of warmth to any backyard get together. Like many others, we enjoy backyard barbeques, wine on the patio at sunset with friends and fun by the pool during the warmer months with our families. If you share a love for New York & New Jersey like we do, then you will definitely benefit from the addition of adding custom outdoor shades to your home! It’s our passion is to help people transform their homes into their own little slice of heaven. Outdoor shades can be a contributing factor to that transformation that will add privacy, comfort, and class to your outdoor areas!

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